Say Hi to Greta…

This is Greta week 1 ride 4. Shes a long term students horse, so has been very easy to take over and ride. I’m riding her as she is being prepared for sale and basically it is easier for everyone involved if she lives with me for a bit.

So all the basics are there:

  • She knows all the whip tap responses
  • She can self maintain line, tempo, stride length, gait without leg or hand
  • She knows walk, trot and canter at basic rhythm level
  • She knows basic direct and indirect turns 
  • She knows basic flexion, poll up and poll down cues
  • She has an excellent park and all the associated stop responses are solid.

The first few rides till this footage was taken were only in walk and trot. Just getting a bit of a feel for her and deepening the indirect, direct turns and the flexion. The day before I started the basic response of adducting the hind legs at walk (she already has that also from Park). So on this day we continued all that, and added canter (she already knew counter canter).

Enjoy :)